EB 07 Hope Talk – Art of the Japanese Fan



The Paper Play 

– Superhero On Paper 
– A Forgotten Media
– Japanese FanMaestro Ken Hsieh & TAIWANfest Orchestra

“Creative Origami is nothing more than judicious imitation.”

So claims Origami Kaikan, paper craft museum and store in Tokyo, Japan.

Paper may have been invented in China, but over generations entire families of Japanese artists and artisans have refined the humble material to elegance beyond imagination.

The story of paper as art forms is one beyond traditional barriers, as the ubiquitous material is reshaped time and again. Ranging from the colourful chiyogami to the very three-dimensional origami, paper crafts have travelled the world over winning over artists and enthusiasts in its versatility. Some techniques developed by paper artists have even found their way into unexpected places – such as NASA!

Follow the path of the Paper Play from China to Japan and from there to Taiwan, Canada, and even through the hands of Vincent van Gogh.