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The Kitchen of Sweetness

Yui Aida

What would be the flavour of a blooming flower if it tasted as good as it looked? Should a clear blue sky taste sweet or savoury? How would you like to try a rich cheesecake made using soy and avocado, with balsamic vinegar drizzled on top?

Chef and Food Painter Yui Aida studied Architecture in university. After working in an advertising company and a bagel café, Yui decided to start an adventure to explore locally farmed produce in different countries. Drawing inspiration from fresh and native ingredients wherever she goes, Yui’s goal is to “see the land, eat a thing of the land, and create a dish using ingredients from the land”.

Developing a large following in Taiwan with delicious vegetarian dishes and pastries, Yui’s creative mind loves to harmonize the most unexpected combinations of flavours! Join us as she shares her story and discoveries from visiting beautiful Ontario in a yummy talk & workshop program!