EB-10 Hakka Under Japan

The Hakka Under Japan

Bo-Lin Chung

The Hakka people in Taiwan have a long history, tracing back to the Qing dynasty and their descent from the Han Chinese. During the Japanese colonization of the island, many Hakka communities were greatly influenced by the Japanese lifestyle and culture. Ping Dong is one county where the Japanese footprint remains well preserved in the local train stations, temples, libraries, and other architecture.

The betel nut tree was also cultivated in this time, in order to replace the dying rice industry in Hakka communities. Since then, fans made from betel nut leaves have been used by the Hakka as both means for cooling in the hot summer and as tools to punish misbehaving children.

Experience the dynamic between the Hakka spirit and their Japanese influence – make your own fan (for cooling only!) and decorate it to your heart’s desire!