PF25 Sounds-Global-Ensemble

Sounds Global Ensemble

Sounds Global Ensemble

An ensemble that sounds the way Vancouver looks, the Sounds Global Ensemble’s diverse repertoire is drawn from Jewish, Persian, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Indian and Chinese music. The group is comprised of some of Vancouver’s most active musicians in the world music scene with a variable instrumentation.

At the 2017 TAIWANfest, the band will perform as a trio: Lan Tung on erhu, Bic Hoang on danbau (Vietnam), and Moshe Denburg on guitar. The instrumentalists are also singers trained in their respective traditions, creating an unusual mix of ethnic vocal styles.

The Sounds Global Ensemble has been established under the support of the Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra (VICO). The members of the Sound Global Ensemble are also members of the full orchestra of over 20 musicians, performing with instruments from around the world. Debuted in 2000, VICO is Canada’s first inter-cultural orchestra, and it plays an active role internationally to connect with musicians and composers from different cultures.

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