Let There Be Light

Director Awei Liu

“Let There Be Light” is a documentary of true stories reflected and recorded by international volunteers servicing in different countries. The film was shot in India, Nepal, and Thailand, respectively, with a limited production budget, up to three years before shooting to complete. The film is produced by an experienced director, Awei Liu (Golden Harvest Award – Best Producer in Documentary films, Taipei Film Festival – Best Director in Avant-Garde films, and having worked with the Discovery Channel for many years), training volunteers to shooting in relay.  The volunteers, in their own way, recorded their care for the poor and dark areas bit by bit, which is to “do small things with great love.” We believe that the film will inspire all of us, although facing the dark side of this generation today, we still want to be like these volunteers, sincerely our hearts, to “do small things with great love.”