HT12 The End as Well as the Beginning

Hope Talk – The End as Well as the Beginning

Louise Lee Hsiu & Tom Su

For Louise Lee’s children, wherever she resides will always be “home.” As a writer, keeping a curious heart allows her to keep the gate of creativity flowing. Currently, in the beautiful land of Canada, she continues to create, writing in English, Taiwanese, and Mandarin, and busies herself with art exhibitions.

In 2002, Lee moved to Vancouver under the identity of a published author and released “Penghu Moon in the Well”, telling the story of Taiwan under Japanese colonization. The novel was translated into English after her immigration, allowing more people to gain a deeper understanding of a true story that occurred decades ago, on the other side of the world.

As an author who easily illustrates familial love through her writing as well as artwork, how does Louse Lee interact with her son? Visit her Hope Talk at TAIWANfest to hear her story.