HT13 Hope-Talk-Tales-from-Yangmingshan-Louisa Hsu

Hope Talk – Tales from Yangmingshan

Louisa Hsu

Louisa is a fourth year Geography major and Biology minor student at the University of British Columbia. She enjoys hiking and watching interior design shows in her free time. Like many students who are transitioning into life as an adult, Louisa is uncertain what she wants to pursue in the future. She does know, however, that having one job for her entire life will not be an option because she likes change.

In 2017, she was accepted into the Taiwan Tech Trek program for people of Taiwanese descent aged 18 to 30 living abroad. Through this program, Louisa received the opportunity to intern at Yangmingshan National Park in Taiwan. For her Hope Talk this year, she will be sharing her internship experience; the things she has seen, heard, smelled, tasted, touched, and felt; the people she has met and the story she has become a part of. Discover the landscape of Yangmingshan National Park like you have never before.