HT07 Terry Watada

Hope Talk: A Canadian Identity Story

Terry Watada

Terry Watada is a poet, novelist, short story writer, historian, playwright, columnist, essayist and music composer. Terry’s work has been much anthologized, and his newest novel will be available this summer.

Set in Vancouver in the 1940’s, The Three Pleasures is the story of three Japanese Canadians and their plight against the Canadian government. Each in pursuit of a different pleasure, their passionate struggle is told through a young reporter for the New Canadian, the only Japanese-Canadian newspaper allowed to keep publishing during the war.

Growing up as virtually the only Japanese Canadian in his Toronto neighbourhood, Terry has seen a side of Canada experienced by a relative few. However the impact runs deep and its effects are seen by many communities today. Both Terry’s story and his newest novel are insightful to a Canada that celebrates diversity and reconciles the past with a brighter future.