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Hear Them Out

Sheng-Xiang & Band ft. Misa

Guitarist and vocalist Sheng-Xiang Lin is well known throughout Asia and overseas for his work with various social movements as well as his indie music. Composing with his longtime friend and bandmate Yongfeng Chung, their deep understanding of Taiwan’s traditional agricultural society combined with a distinctive musical style give the listener a deep appreciation for life in rural Taiwan.

Joined by Alex Wu, Huang Po Yu, Japanese musicians Noriaki Fukushima, Ken Ohtake, and Toru Hayakawa, Sheng-Xiang & Band are a powerful award-winning group bringing attention to environmental issues, industrial influences on agriculture, and rural lifestyles with their music. Building on their roots of Taiwanese traditional music with the Jazz influences from the Japanese trio, the group incorporates western musical elements to develop a truly unique sound.

Sheng-Xiang & Band will be joined by Misa, a fellow Taiwanese-Hakka musician. Misa’s compositions are tales reflecting the spirit of folk, but they also blend her favourite punk, psychedelic rock, and jazz. Enhanced by her charming voice, her songs wander between the realms of reality and imagination.