PF-06 Don't Wanna Grow Up

Don’t Wanna Grow Up

Lilman ft. Dwagie

“Who Am I” is not merely a question for the past, it is one many face today. In no more than a few decades, Taiwan has propelled from an agrarian society to a technological marvel, but not without cost.

Lilman published his first album titled “Kids World” – with a satirical venture into a child’s imaginary world and his unique style, reflecting the voice of millennials, Lilman’s music encourages us to hold on to the optimism and spontaneity of youth.

Described as “The Most Unprecedented Rapper in Asia”, Dwagie is one of the founding fathers of rap in Taiwan. Over his career, Dwagie has had various unexpected international collaborations including with DJ Premier, Nas, street poet Talib Kweli, and even with the Dalai Lama. Lyrically, he tends to steer away from shallow subject matters and ventures into powerful social commentary. Dwagie performs with the goal of spreading his love for Taiwan and bringing recognition to his hometown.

Don’t miss their joint performance and get a taste of original Taiwanese Hip-Hop!