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CLF Tai Chi

Sifu Paul Tam and the CLF Kung Fu Club

Founded by Sifu Paul Tam in Richmond, BC, the CLF Kung Fu Club is dedicated to upholding traditions and practices that are highly valued in Chinese culture by means of kung fu.  Sifu Tam is committed to nurturing the younger generation with techniques, knowledge, and mentality that they can put to use for public good.

Before founding his own club, Sifu Tam has won over 40 first place and grand championships in both regional and international competitions. In recognition of these martial art skills and achievements he has been selected in consecutive drafts by Team Canada to compete in the World Traditional Wushu Championships held in China, where he has won three gold and one silver medals for Canada.

Currently, Sifu Tam is coaching Choy Lee Fat, Chen’s Tai Chi, and lion dance at the club.