EB11 Aroma Shima

Aroma Shima

Rachel Fan

What kind of chemical reactions will be catalyzed when the Formosan fragrance meets the Japanese style? Two islands across the vast ocean, sharing ancestors, memories and languages.

The narrow but steep shape of the island nation of Taiwan allows for the rich boreal forests to flourish; Taiwanese lumber was even exported to Japan to be used on the Meiji Shrine. During Japanese colonization, the market for Taiwanese fragrances began to develop and became popular items in many countries around the world.

Vanilla and mankind have a close connection: not only does vanilla have a charming smell, it also has the effects of creating a calming atmosphere. We often use it in food to add flavour and stimulate the senses. Rachel Fan will explore the world of fragrance through natural oils and scent filled food, bringing us to discover the power of aroma and understanding the forests of Taiwan.

Join Rachel for a series of workshops spanning from fragrances to candle making to board games!