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AIKO TOMI – Discovering Me


AIKO TOMI is known for her memorable songwriting and modern take on 80s synth-pop, featuring the keytar. With a knack for writing catchy hooks, she draws on influences ranging from classical, hip-hop, experimental to J-pop, creating a sound that’s uniquely her own. Her thoughtful lyrics and versatile, emotive voice captivate audiences with a style that’s bold, yet nuanced and always evolving.

2017 is an exciting year for AIKO TOMI, as she unveils a number of collaborative singles and projects with award-winning artists, along with the release of a brand new EP — a dynamic but heartfelt, 80s-inspired electropop soundtrack to the endless quest for love, beauty and truth.

Many modern Taiwanese share a similar story as AIKO TOMI. Raised by parents and grandparents whose lives were influenced to various degrees by Japanese culture, piece by piece we stumble across clues in our heritage and re-invent who we are.